611.5631/223: Telegram (part air)

The Minister in the Netherlands (Emmet) to the Secretary of State

45. Department’s telegram #27, June 20, 7 p.m. Department’s instruction carried out.

Ministry of Economic Affairs has wanted delay for two reasons (1st) Lamping’s absence until July and (2d) confidentially stated opinion the two lists of desiderata are so far apart that negotiations would be unprofitable without further preliminary conversations.
Ministry of Economic Affairs desirous of complying with our wishes has urged and obtained agreement for delegation to go to Washington in August.
For the same reason Premier Colijn in Cabinet committee meeting night before last approved decision to send Lamping or substitute to Washington first week in July.
It does not follow that Lamping must return here if certain difficulties can be cleared up.
What are these difficulties? The following sums up impression obtained this morning from Hooft of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Van Kleffens of the Ministry of Economic Affairs: the scope of our desiderata is far beyond that of their own and, whereas, theirs were designed to make negotiations easy, ours come into conflict with their economic policy to such an extent as to make them “unacceptable” as a basis for negotiation. They do not insist that they cannot grant certain small tariff reductions and they of course expect to increase our quotas on various articles but they cannot even consider the suppression of quotas. They have apparently become even more involved in the contingent quota system through their new agreements with Italy and France.
They imply that they would like us to give indication that we will not insist on suppression of quotas. Knowing the Secretary’s views I do not make such a suggestion but feel that matters would thus be expedited.
As an alternative they suggest that they might draw up a more comprehensive list of desiderata but they do not wish to do so.
This is unofficial but authoritative. The Department may expect something of this sort from Lamping when he arrives though all points may not have been covered.
There will be no more delay than is absolutely necessary and I believe Lamping’s visit may facilitate and expedite.