660M.116/13: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Lithuania (Kuykendall)

9. Your despatches Nos. 285 and 288 of July 27 and August 1 with respect to petroleum situation in Lithuania. Under the operation of any system in Lithuania for the quantitative restriction or control of the importation of petroleum products this Government will expect for such products of American origin a share of the total quantity, as originally established or subsequently changed in any manner, equivalent to the proportion of the total importation of such products which the United States supplied during a previous representative period. Import permits charged against the American quota should be used for the importation of petroleum products produced in the United States.

If your assistance is requested in obtaining import permits for products partially processed abroad such as lubricating oils, you should refer the matter to the Department with full information regarding proportion of foreign processing and reason for not importing strictly American products.