The German Ambassador (Luther) to the Secretary of State


My Dear Mr. Secretary: In reply to Your Excellency’s note of February 4th—and with reference to my preliminary reply of February 11th34 I have the honor to inform you that the German Agent before the Mixed Claims Commission United States and Germany has filed on February 28th, a great part of the evidence procured by him in respect to the proceedings for a rehearing and that he intends to submit the remaining part of the material within a short period, presumably early in April.

Mrs. McNider Drier’s claim, I understand, has been submitted to the Commission. I am inclined to assume that it will be possible without much difficulty to bring this claim to a close prior to or at latest simultaneously with the sabotage claims. This case, therefore, is not likely to delay the proceedings before the Mixed Claims Commission.

Accept [etc.]

  1. Not printed; it acknowledged receipt of the note of February 4.