862.20/757: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Long) to the Secretary of State

145. My 142, March 21st.52 May I suggest, for your consideration, that the announced position of the United States vis-à-vis German rearmament and violation of the treaty of Versailles might be:

The United States during the World War was an Associated and not an Allied power;
While participating in drafting the Versailles Treaty the United States did not ratify it;
Subsequently the United States entered into a different and separate treaty of peace with Germany which contained conditions identic with some of those of Versailles, consequently the United States is not bound to joint action within [with?] those governments which did ratify the Versailles Treaty. Therefore, Germany’s action may create a situation which might concern only the relations between the United States and Germany. Under these circumstances the United States Government is considering the matter presented by Germany’s denunciation of her treaty obligations. At the same time the Government of the United States holds itself ready, as always, to cooperate for the advancement and security of world peace.

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