862.20/729: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Wiley) to the Secretary of State

112. Izvestiya editorial today on German declaration on military service stressed its political significance which, coming on the eve of negotiations for consideration of the granting of equal rights to Germany in the framework of the general system of security, clearly demonstrated Germany’s intention of rejecting any such system. It stated that unilateral denunciation of military clauses was made possible only by encouragement given to Germany by policies of great powers, notably Great Britain. Editorial stated that Germany was preparing for acts of political aggression and asserted that “in this situation everything depends on whether or not the powers against whom this policy is directed will be able to work out quickly a system of mutual assistance against the event of German aggression. If Berlin knows that this system will enter into force with or without the participation of Germany then we are convinced that Germany will realize that she is weaker than the sum total of the powers desirous of preserving peace. Time demands a speedy consultation of the powers interested in the preservation of peace. Time demands rapid decision.”