Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs (Murray)

The Turkish Ambassador called on me yesterday and left with me formal communications expressing the desire of his Government (1) to invite to the Army Air School in Turkey an experienced American General Staff officer capable of giving instruction in air tactics and organization, (2) to send to this country a Lieutenant or Captain of the Turkish Army for the purpose of studying anti-aircraft artillery in the United States Army, and (3) to send to this country an Army Physician for the purpose of studying the sanitary organization on surface and submarine war vessels.

I told the Ambassador that these matters would be taken up with the War Department, but I reminded him of the likelihood that it might not be possible to meet the requests of the Turkish Government in these matters, particularly in the case of requests numbered (2) and (3) above. I informed him that the Army has of late been obliged to turn down requests of this kind owing to its own increased needs.

As far as the detail of an American General Staff officer to give instruction in air tactics was concerned, I said I feared that such a procedure might not be possible in the case of an American Army officer in active service. I promised, however, to obtain the necessary information and to let him know.

Wallace Murray