119.2/2996: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in France (Marriner)

345. In view of the situation described in your 725, August 23, 6 p.m.,86 and the unlikelihood that in case of emergency adequate facilities of communication could be afforded this Government by the French authorities either at Addis Ababa or at Djibouti, the Department wishes you again to discuss this matter in confidence and without delay with the competent French authorities.

You should state that in view of the great uncertainties as to the future maintenance of safe and continuous means of communication [Page 884] with our Legation at Addis Ababa, this Government would appreciate being informed whether there would be any objection to the early dispatch, in the event such action is decided upon, to Djibouti of a cruiser equipped to communicate both with Addis Ababa and direct with this country.

  1. Not printed.