384.11/13: Telegram

The Chargé in Ethiopia ( George ) to the Secretary of State

54. Department’s telegram 29, July 2, 5 p.m. All missionaries advised as instructed. Three missionaries sustained by Miss Mary Hastie, 1232 Main Street, Avoca, Pennsylvania, and one sustained by Arlington Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, will depart if provided funds. One independent will leave. Three members Sudan Interior Mission, 296 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, will leave if funds provided; three members Women’s Board of United Presbyterian Church, Room 904 Publications Building, Pittsburgh, leaving and three more will leave if urged by home board; Seventh Day Adventist Mission, Washington, District of Columbia, will only go if ordered. The main difficulties in getting action are lack of funds and absence of instructions from home boards. A number of others would probably go if authorized. Above refers only to capital. I have urged closing all provincial stations but no reply expected for weeks. Safety foreigners discussed with Emperor who does not deny potential danger but promises all protection possible and to inform me frankly when crisis arises. It might then be too late to evacuate but impossible to gauge this risk. French Minister states railway agrees to carry 1600 passengers a day in four freight trains in emergency and if line uncut. British Minister prepared to attempt air evacuation. German Minister anxious, relying on French, British in emergency. Local situation critical, calm.