765.84/1995: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

336. Supplementing Consulate’s 527, October 19, 11 p.m.53 I learn that at the close of the private meeting of the Committee of Eighteen yesterday evening Vasconcellos, chairman, circulated a proposed statement to be made by the chairman at the public meeting immediately following, relating to the position of non-member states in the controversy. The statement argues (a) “community of interests material and moral” of non-members and reads in part:

“Those which are not members of the League are, nevertheless, parties to the Pact of Paris which calls for the settlement of all disputes by peaceful means and for the renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy, a document which without question is deeply involved in the present dispute.”

The final paragraph reads:

“The record speaks for itself. We must leave it to the conscience of each state non-member of the League to decide in how far it shares [Page 849] our common purposes and in how far it is willing to cooperate in action similar to ours.”

The Committee felt that the implications of this document were so important that it declined to discuss it at such a late hour and the chairman withdrew the statement. Nevertheless, in view of conversations respecting the Kellogg Pact, I think the episode may be interesting to you.

  1. Not printed.