500.A15A4 Steering Committee/484: Telegram

The American Delegate ( Wilson ) to the Secretary of State

1054. My 1049, August 3, 8 p.m.90 and previous correspondence. Aghnides informs me that Henderson has decided to postpone the meeting of the Bureau which was to have been held during the Assembly. Aghnides expects a statement will shortly be issued to this effect.

Aghnides states Henderson’s health will not permit him to undergo the fatigue of travel and conference work at this time; that Henderson’s physical condition has been growing gradually worse and he has recently had another set-back; that when his health will permit a convening of the Bureau is undeterminable.

Referring to my personal letter to the Under Secretary of May 21st,91 it would seem to me desirable if the Department intends shortly to close the delegation office that advantage be taken of the situation reported in this telegram and that I let the fact be known now. I could merely inform our newspaper men here that for reasons of economy and because of the present inactivity of the Conference we intend shortly to discontinue the delegation office but that of course I shall be available as a delegate to the Conference when activity is resumed.

I do not anticipate that this will cause any particular comment especially at such a time as the present when all minds are occupied with Abyssinia. On the other hand, I am somewhat fearful that if we delay in announcing the closing of the office until after the Council and Assembly the international situation then may have become so tense and the position of the League so critical that even such a relatively minor action as the announcement of the closing of our [Page 63] delegation office might be commented upon and assume undue importance.

Please repeat to Davis.

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