500.C114/1575a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Geneva ( Gilbert )

2. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee today reported out favorably the following Resolution on the World Court Protocols:

“Resolved that the Senate advise and consent to the adherence by the United States to the said three Protocols, the one of date December 16, 1920, and the other two each of date September 14, 1929, (without accepting or agreeing to the optional clause for compulsory jurisdiction), with the clear understanding of the United States that the Permanent Court of International Justice shall not, over an objection by the United States, entertain any request for an advisory opinion touching any dispute or question in which the United States has or claims an interest.”

No other “understanding”, amendments or reservations were attached to the Resolution. It is expected that the Senate will take up the Resolution in the near future.

On the possibility that the Secretariat may desire to initiate steps toward hastening the ratifications of the other States which have not yet ratified the Protocol for the accession of the United States you may bring the above information informally and without publicity to the attention of such Secretariat officials as might be interested.