The Siamese Legation to the Department of State

This Legation has received instructions to inquire:—

(1) Whether the United States Government will consent to replace the present article 3 of the treaty2 by the counter-draft of the new article 33 which Dr. Stanley K. Hornbeck4 handed to Mr. Stevens,5 and to leave all the other articles to be revised at the time of the general revision of our treaties with various countries in 1936 because the other articles are also found in other treaties whereas the present article 3 containing the general prohibition for the establishment of monopolies is found in the American treaty alone;

(2) What form the supplementary agreement shall take?; and

(3) What form of authority is required for signing the agreement?

With regard to question (2), this Legation understands that the modification desired could be made in the form of exchange of notes, and as to question (3), is the proposed agreement to be signed in Washington or in Bangkok, and is it presumed that the Plenipotentiaries have to be provided with full powers for signing the agreement?

  1. Treaty signed at Washington, December 16, 1920, ibid., 1921, vol. ii, p. 867.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs.
  4. Raymond B. Stevens, American adviser on foreign relations to the Siamese Government.