711.5527/32: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Morris) to the Secretary of State

18. Department’s telegram No. 16, April 14, 4 p.m. Have just received a note dated yesterday from the Belgian Government which in translation reads as follows: [Page 97]

“In reply to your inquiry of the 16th instant I have the honor to inform Your Excellency that the Belgian Government is disposed to suspend its denunciation of the agreement in question provided that a supplement to that agreement is concluded by the two countries in the shortest possible time in accordance with the following principles: machines which comply with American regulations will be admitted into Belgium if they also comply with certain supplementary conditions which will be stipulated in the supplement. The American authorities will be competent to verify the point whether the machines comply with these supplementary conditions. The Bureau of Aeronautics is studying these conditions at the present time and will communicate to Your Excellency shortly.

The proposed supplement will establish therefore the principle of reciprocity of the validity of control measures each country retaining the right of accepting only material which complies with its own regulations.

The Bureau of Aeronautics would like to receive information concerning the new regulations regarding airworthiness promulgated by the American authorities since January 1, 1933. I am taking the liberty of resorting to Your Excellency’s good offices with the request that you be so kind as to put me in possession of these texts as soon as possible.

I should also be very grateful to Your Excellency if you would inform me as to your Government’s reaction in regard to the proposal set forth above”.