The Secretary of State to the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.

Sirs: The receipt is acknowledged of your letter of October 16, 1934,75 enclosing a letter addressed to you, dated September 17, 1934, from Mr. B. Balci of Istanbul, in which he states that he is a dealer in war and steel construction material and expresses his desire to contact with the leading manufacturers of such material in the United States.

As it is not the policy of this Government to encourage export trade in arms and munitions of war, the use of official channels is not permitted for the communication of inquiries or offers between prospective purchasers and American exporters of such commodities.

The American Consulate General at Istanbul is prepared to furnish any reputable Turkish firm with the names of American manufacturers of steel construction material.

The enclosure to your letter is, therefore, returned to you herewith.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Paul H. Alling
Acting Chief, Division of Near Eastern Affairs
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