The Acting Secretary of State to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (Pittman)

My Dear Senator Pittman: Among the treaties which are in the Senate are a treaty of extradition with Turkey, signed August 6, 1923 (Executive AA, 68th Congress, 1st Session), and an extradition treaty [Page 939] with Albania, signed March 1, 193352 (Executive A, 73d Congress, 1st Session).

In a recent telegram to the Department the American Ambassador at Istanbul states that the extradition treaty with Turkey is now before the Justice Committee of the National Assembly and will be passed when the assembly reconvenes next March. Both the extradition treaty with Turkey and the extradition treaty with Albania are in the standard form of extradition treaties to which the United States is a party.

In view of the importance to the United States of strengthening its position with reference to extradition in the Near East, the Department would be appreciative of any consideration which the Senate could give to these two treaties with a view to advising and consenting to their ratification at an early date.

Sincerely yours,

William Phillips