467.11/751: Telegram

The Ambassador in Turkey (Skinner) to the Secretary of State

4. Department’s No. 12, January 20.18 Minister for Foreign Affairs communicates following counter-proposals omitting introduction.

“Minister for Foreign Affairs begs the Ambassador to deliver to the Mixed Commission the complete list of claims in order that they may be examined in their ensemble. Such an examination would surely permit the two Governments to find an acceptable basis of solution. Turkish Government suggests that the Mixed Commission be invited to resume its labors in order to examine in a summary manner the total list of claims and to propose by common accord of the two parties a lump sum settlement. If within reasonable time the Commission cannot reach an agreement it would then be directed to pronounce definitely upon each of the cases which would be submitted by the two parties. As to claims wherein the Commission was unable to take unanimous decision they would be laid before the arbitrator whose powers and designation would be determined by an agreement which the two parties would then conclude to be submitted for ratification to their constitutional organs. In the latter eventuality the arbitrator would take up his task as soon as the Commission should have completed its labors. As the Ministry noted expressly in its aide-mémoire of June 26 [27], 1933, it remains always understood that the Commission will concern itself only with the cases of American citizens whose nationality is not contested and who have sustained damage in Turkey.”

Please instruct.

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