681.003/70: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain (Bingham)

407. Please refer to your 897 of August 17, regarding the possible modification of the customs régime in French Morocco, and make further discreet inquiries with the view of ascertaining the present official British attitude towards the proposed new régime in Morocco, as advanced by the French, involving radical changes in the customs system as well as the surrender of capitulations by the United States and Great Britain.

You may advise the British discreetly and unofficially that as we understand the French proposal they are asking us to give up the principle of the open door in favor of a system of contingents, and furthermore they are seeking to establish a system of close bilateral balancing of trade. Both proposals would seem to be in direct contradiction to the principle of commercial equality for all nations in Morocco as guaranteed in the treaties. Please cable your reply.