882.01 Foreign Control/918a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Liberia ( MacVeagh )

27. If possible please arrange for the delivery of this message to Hibbard27 on board ship before he lands at Monrovia:

Our note of October 17th to the British Government was delivered to the British Ambassador. It states that this government has decided it is best not to interpose any objections to the desire of President Barclay to obtain foreign advisers to assist in correcting present conditions, and that this government is prepared to cooperate in whatever way may be possible to carry out his proposals. Furthermore, as soon as it appears that Liberia is faithfully endeavoring to carry out provisions of the plan, the United States Government will be prepared to consider favorably the question of recognition, and that it is our hope that the British Government will find it agreeable to pursue a similar course of action and thus enable the Liberian people to achieve their own rehabilitation.

Oral inquiries by the French, German, and Italian Embassies have been answered in like vein but without reference to recognition.

In conversations with Firestone it appears that he is ready and anxious to cooperate and to consent to the necessary changes in the Loan Agreement so as to bring it in line with the Barclay Three Year Plan.

We shall send you full instructions during week of November 19th, giving Department’s comment upon the Barclay Plan, including two or three suggestions for clarifying and strengthening it and setting forth this government’s attitude with reference thereto. In your first courtesy meeting with President Barclay you may tell him that within a few days you will receive a communication from your government, with reference to his Three Year Plan and the relations between our two countries. Strictly for your own information, this communication will not be sent to you for delivery until after the departure of Hines.28 The Department repeats that under no circumstances is this information to be divulged, especially that relative to Hines.

  1. Fred P. Hibbard, appointed Consul and First Secretary of Legation at Monrovia, August 31, 1934.
  2. W. D. Hines, representative of Firestone interests in Liberia.