882.01 Foreign Control/814b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul at Geneva (Gilbert)

150. For Reber. We have received word from Monrovia that Barclay is circulating a statement to the effect that the Council may grant an extension of time to the Liberian Government to give consideration to the League Plan. This statement is apparently being used to mitigate the agitation in favor of immediate acceptance. In these circumstances, [Page 795] we think it desirable for you to suggest to the Secretariat the advisability of Avenol’s12 immediately sending a public telegram to Monrovia reminding the Liberian Government that the Council expects a definite answer for consideration at its next week’s meeting, when the League will take official cognisance of the Liberian problem.

  1. Joseph Avenol, Secretary General of the League of Nations.