882.01 Foreign Control/766: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva ( Gilbert ) to the Secretary of State

14. From Reber. Consulate’s 8, January 15, 5 p.m. I was invited this afternoon upon a strictly informal basis to meet with representatives of the governments formerly members of the Liberian Committee excluding Sottile for the purpose of discussing the terms of the rapporteur’s declaration to be made at next Friday’s session of the Council.

Members of this group considered that to reexamine Liberian reservations is of no practical value and will only serve to give the impression that the Council is willing to temporize with Liberia. A certain difficulty was felt, however, would be experienced by the Council in rejecting reservations which it had not seen but it was decided to meet this point by suggesting that should the terms of these reservations when received or other actions by Liberia so change the situation the Council might reconsider its decision at the May session.

In addition to the foregoing the rapporteur’s declaration will state that the Council can only conclude that the Government of Liberia has refused the Plan of Assistance which adequately safeguards its independence and sovereignty and that under these circumstances the Council can only note this negative decision of Liberia which implies the cessation of the Council’s activities in this respect. In view of the representation at this informal meeting it is anticipated that the rapporteur’s declaration will be approved by the Council in substantially the above terms.

Should more complete information in the possession of the Department be of such a nature as to render in the Department’s opinion the proposed action undesirable please instruct me as soon as possible or if the Department has information which would assist the rapporteur in replying to public questioning it would be greatly appreciated. [Reber.]