663.116/61: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Austria (Messersmith)

42. Reference Department’s telegram No. 22 of April 20, 1 p.m. Representative of Vacuum Oil Company states that the Austrian Government has fixed import permits for artificial and natural crude oil for 1934 and that the share allocated to the Vacuum Company does not correspond either to its relative

Throughput refining capacity;
Previous imports of artificial and crude oil;
Sales in the Austrian market, or
Investment in Austria.

The Company has presented figures to the Department which appear to make out a prima facie case for its claim.

You are requested to go into the matter with Mr. R. H. Evans, the Company’s Vienna representative, who will call and give you full details.

If, as the Department believes, the figures presented support the Company’s contention that the present allocation is inequitable, you are authorized, if you deem it opportune, to support the Company’s request for a redistribution of import permits.

Please submit a telegraphic report of any action taken, as well as any observations or recommendations which you deem pertinent.