765.84/83: Telegram

The Chargé in Ethiopia (George) to the Secretary of State

27. My telegram No. 26. Summoned to Emperor yesterday evening in private audience Emperor exposed at length Ethiopian view Walwal incident concluding with request that I telegraph following to the Department.

“The Ethiopian Government having informed the League of Nations by telegram on December 14th and intending to follow the procedure before the Council would welcome any action on the part of a great power supporting steps toward solution by arbitration or judicial means. Inspired by the Kellogg Pact and this order of ideas, the institution might be considered of an International Neutral Commission, having for principal missions to establish exact facts constituting Ogaden incidents and determine responsibilities and damages against either party or both and to determine position of Somali-Ethiopian frontier and proceed to demarcation.”

Emperor evidently not asking mediation but some gesture drawing attention to Pact. Replying to my questions he said mediation neither sought nor offered any other quarter and that England was careful to inform Government its desire to avoid any connection with incident. Ethiopia cannot, will not accede, to single Italian demand without [Page 771] arbitration. Ethiopia has not sought war but if forced by Italy will take steps to defend frontiers, independence. Also informed me Italians are opening a road toward Gerlogubi from Walwal.

Emperor would appreciate some indication by telegraph through me. Respectfully repeat request for additional cable allowance.