Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of the Treaty Division (McClure)

Mr. Micheli2 called at my office on June 14, 1934, and, after discussing the new tariff act,3 stated that Switzerland desired to begin negotiations with the United States for a reciprocal trade agreement. He said that his Government would be ready to begin actual negotiations as soon as this Government should notify it that the time was also convenient from the point of view of the United States. He said that, of course, a brief time would be necessary in order to bring an expert [Page 735] to this country and assemble the requisite information. He stated that there had already been sent to the Department a statement in writing indicating that Switzerland was prepared to negotiate.

I told Mr. Micheli that the organization for carrying on negotiations on behalf of this Government was being perfected and that it was hoped that actual negotiations could begin within a reasonable time. I added, however, that of course negotiations could not be carried on with very many countries at once and that I could not say in advance when it would be possible to negotiate with Switzerland. I suggested that, when this Government should be ready, a note, in final reply to the note of the Swiss Government could be sent to the Minister.

Mr. Micheli appeared to be satisfied with this response.

(My understanding is that tentative plans call for negotiations with Switzerland among the first.)

  1. Louis H. Micheli, Counselor of the Swiss Legation.
  2. Reciprocity Tariff Act of June 12, 1934; 48 Stat. 943.