The Swedish Minister (Boström) to the Secretary of State


With further reference to the memoranda exchanged regarding the proposed trade agreement between the United States and Sweden, the [Page 732] Swedish Minister has the honour to transmit a list23 containing the desiderata of the Swedish Government with regard to reductions and consolidations in the American tariff. The list is subject to such modifications as may be found appropriate during the coming discussions.

The Swedish Government, attaching the greatest importance to the initiative taken by the Government of the United States in order to bring about a general increase in the volume of trade, would welcome an exchange of views as soon as possible regarding the general stipulations in the proposed agreement, in order to establish a basis for the detailed discussion of the mutual concessions.

During the discussion of the different items in the list the Swedish Government will present the views of Swedish exporters as to difficulties for Swedish exports resulting from the application of present rules for valuation of imported goods and other administrative provisions in the Tariff Act.

  1. Not printed.