Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Moffat)

The Swedish Minister called on Mr. Sayre this morning to inquire whether he had reached any decision with regard to proceeding with the Swedish negotiations for reciprocal tariff treaty. Mr. Sayre said that he had gone over the Swedish note with some care and had also taken into account the conversations which had taken place between members of the Department and Mr. Wijkman. Of course we still attached the same importance as formerly to increasing trade on both sides and we did not see how this could be accomplished without mutual concession. On the other hand, we did understand better perhaps than previously the point of view of the Swedish Government in wishing emphasis given to its low tariff policy. We are accordingly quite ready to receive the draft treaty, with annexes, which the Minister told us ten days or so ago was available. We would then study the suggestions contained therein and mutually come to a decision with the Minister as to whether we felt that the points of view were near enough together to warrant a formal starting of negotiations.

Mr. Moffat suggested that we might see how the problem looked when judged from a practical basis rather than continue the discussion on a more theoretic basis.

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The Minister agreed and said that he would ask Mr. Wijkman to call at the Department tomorrow or Saturday and leave with us the Swedish draft treaty of which he had spoken.21

Pierrepont Moffat
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