The Governor of Rhode Island ( Green ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I have delayed answering a letter from your office dated October 3 [23], ref. number, PC 701.7111/284 [282] and your letter of November 17th2 awaiting a report from the Rhode Island Department of State Police in regard to the arrest of Albert A. Amiaud, chauffeur to the Hon. Charles A. Davila, Minister of Rumania at Washington, D. C.

As a result of their investigation I regret to learn that unfamiliarity with international laws concerning foreign representatives in this country caused the arrest and detention of this chauffeur who violated the laws of this state by driving his car at an excessive rate of speed. Our officials are doing everything possible to adjust this wrong. Arrangements are being made through the courts to have the money paid in fines refunded. The Rhode Island State Board of Public Roads has informed me today that the rights of the chauffeur to drive in this state have been restored and enclosed is the reinstatement order which can be forwarded to Mr. Amiaud.

Trusting this is a satisfactory end of an unfortunate incident I am

Yours sincerely

Theodore Francis Green
  1. Neither printed.