251.11 Insull, Samuel/359: Telegram

The Minister in Greece ( MacVeagh ) to the Secretary of State

28. Your 17, March 10, 1 p.m. With a view to delivering your message I telephoned the Foreign Minister this morning to request an immediate interview with Mr. Tsaldaris30 but before I could make my request he informed me voluntarily that the Government has definitely ordered Insull to leave Greece by next Thursday31 or before and requested me to telegraph you accordingly. I told him that I had received an urgent telegram from Washington and he replied that he had also received one which I take to be the reason for his prompt action.

Shortly after my talk with Maximos the Foreign Office telephoned in reference to the difficulty of obtaining visas and I immediately furnished it with a memorandum containing the information given in your fourth paragraph.

The Foreign Office officials also informed this Legation that an order was presented by the police to Insull this morning requiring him to leave by Thursday at the latest, failing which he would be forcibly deported. Insull gave no signs of illness but refused to take cognizance of the document. The Government appears now to have its back up and is angry at the tactics employed by the fugitive.

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After perusal of my memorandum the Foreign Office requested me to ask you to authorize a passport or other travel document on which Greek Government will endeavor to obtain visas for France and transit through Yugoslavia and Rumania or possibly for Egypt and deliver this document to fugitive so that he may proceed as he chooses to any of the above-named countries up to Thursday. If he fails to comply he will be deported on first boat after Thursday leaving direct for any port outside of Greece.

The Government requests your help in effecting departure by providing document without insistence on a single country of destination as indicated in your telegram 11, February 10, 5 p.m., which the Government feels would have deplorable local effect of appearing to be a preconcerted plan to catch the fugitive. The Government feels that if Insull fails to make voluntary use of a valid American travel document duly visaed for several countries up to Thursday it can deport him by physical compulsion immediately thereafter without justifiable criticism from Greek public opinion.

  1. Panayote Tsaldaris, Greek Prime Minister.
  2. March 15.