868.51 War Credits/676

The Acting Secretary of State to the Greek Minister ( Simopoulos )

Sir: I am requested by the Secretary of the Treasury to notify the Government of Greece that there was received on July 6, 1934, by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for credit in the account of [Page 544] the Treasurer of the United States, the sum of $196,128 from the Bank of Greece on behalf of the Government of Greece representing a partial payment of interest due from that Government on account of the 4% loan of 1929 made to the Greek Government by the United States under the Funding Agreement of May 10, 1929.

These funds were applied by the Treasury to the payment of 27½% of the interest amounting to $435,840 due during the calendar year 1933 and 35% of the semi-annual interest amounting to $217,920 due May 10, 1934, on the 4% loan of 1929.

Accept [etc.]

William Phillips