The Under Secretary of State (Phillips) to the German Ambassador (Luther)

My Dear Mr. Ambassador: Referring to our recent conversations regarding the work of the Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany, and having in mind the desire of both Governments to complete the work as early as practicable, I write to inquire whether your Government would not now be willing to authorize its Agent to join with the American Agent in submitting to the Commission at once, for approval, the settlements agreed upon by them in the several cases remaining to be disposed of by the Commission. If awards could be entered in these cases the only uncompleted work of the Commission would be that pertaining to the sabotage cases, which we have recently discussed. This would greatly facilitate the final closing of the Commission and at the same time relieve the two Governments of embarrassing criticism for holding these cases in abeyance, as has been done for a long period of time.

I trust that your Government will see its way clear to join with this Government in this effort to complete the work which they both are so anxious to do.

I shall appreciate it if you will favor me with an expression of your views on the matter at the earliest possible moment, in order that, if your Government is ready to show this further spirit of cooperation, the necessary arrangements for obtaining the approval of the Commission may be made.

I am [etc.]

William Phillips