862.51/3806: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany ( Dodd )

8. Department’s No. 6, January 19, noon. Yesterday afternoon the President sent for the German Ambassador and expressed to him the hope that the German Government would not discriminate in favor of the creditors of other nations as compared with American creditors.

The following statement was issued by the White House with reference to the interview:40

“The President talked with the German Ambassador about payments due to Americans by German states, municipalities and corporations, which payments now pass by decree through the German Treasury.

The President asked definitely that American creditors be given the same treatment as the creditors of other nations.

In addition, the President told the Ambassador of his desire that commercial relations be stimulated as between the United States and Germany.”

  1. Department of State, Press Releases, January 27, 1934, p. 47.