Recommendations Adopted by the Governing Body of the High Commission for Refugees (Jewish and Other) Coming From Germany17a

The Governing Body, during its sittings, considered a series of recommendations, some of which had been proposed by the Advisory Council. Among the actions which the Governing Body took were the following:

Retraining of Refugees.

The Governing Body, considering the necessity of occupational redistribution so that the refugees may be adapted to a new life, recommends to the Governments interested to further through the most appropriate measures the retraining of the young refugees from Germany in schools, agricultural and other enterprises, etc., it being understood that retraining will be of value in case of emigration and must not be made the excuse for delaying or preventing it.

Passports and Permission to Reside.

The Governing Body recommends to the Governments represented:

To help the work of the relief committees by facilitating the grant free of charge to refugees residing in the country of a permission to reside.
To facilitate the grant of a document of identity and travel free of charge to a refugee required to leave the country of refuge and permit the prolongation of his permis de sejour while arrangements are being made for his departure.
That in no case and at no time shall a refugee be left without papers of identity.

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Transfer of Capital from Germany.

The Governing Body has been informed by the High Commissioner of steps that the latter has taken with the German Government urging that certain alleviations be effected in the new regulations concerning the transfer of capital from Germany, which regulations threaten the existence of a great number of refugees, and trusts that the High Commissioner will pursue these negotiations and will endeavour to obtain all possible support to that effect.

Emigration Possibilities to Countries Overseas.

The Governing Body trusts that, in conformity with the opinion expressed on various occasions, and especially by the Experts’ Committee on July 19th, 1934, the High Commissioner will endeavour to secure as soon as possible, by negotiations on the spot, the consent of the Governments of the countries of potential immigration to a larger opening up of their countries to emigrants from Germany.

Financing of the Refugee Work.

The Governing Body trusts that the High Commissioner will get not only the Jewish organisations, but the non-Jewish circles as well, to participate as fully as possible in the financing of the refugee work.

The Governing Body urges further that the High Commissioner should pursue his efforts to co-operate with the various organisations to raise fresh funds for the purpose of relief and establishment of the refugees.

The Governing Body of the High Commission instructs the High Commissioner to call urgently a meeting of the organisations interested in the refugee problem and capable of contributing towards the expenses, with a view to working out a programme for financing the emigration and settlement of refugees coming from Germany.

Extension to the Refugees of Public Assistance Provisions.

The Governing Body calls the attention of the Governments to the desirability of extending to the refugees who are destitute the benefit of the provisions in the country for public assistance.

Permission to Work.

The High Commissioner having made the following motion in the Governing Body, the Governing Body, without expressing any opinion as to it, decides to convey it to the respective Governments:

“The Governing Body, recognising that the process of emigration overseas requires a considerable period of time, recommends to the Governments that a reasonable number of the refugees who are qualified to work shall be permitted to work in the country of refuge.”

  1. Reprinted from The Third Meeting of the Governing Body of the High Commission for Refugees (Jewish and Other) Coming From Germany, November 1 and 2, 1934, enclosed with despatch No. 1093, December 7, from the Ambassador in Great Britain; received December 15.