Mr. Raymond B. Fosdick to the Under Secretary of State (Phillips)

My Dear Mr. Phillips: I have returned from the meeting of the Commission on the Relief of German Refugees which was held in London on May 2, 3 and 4. Twelve nations participated in the meetings, under the chairmanship of Lord Cecil. The discussions were largely confined to the work of the Jewish societies which are raising funds for relief, and to a number of technical questions in relation to passports, permits for work, the status of stateless persons, possibilities of colonization, etc. As I had to leave Europe before the complete minutes of the meetings were ready for distribution by the secretariat, I was unable to bring a copy with me, but I shall forward it to you as soon as it has been received, together with other documents such as the High Commissioner’s Report, the Report on the Activities of the Jewish Societies, etc.

Most of the questions that were raised at the London meeting related to European nations, and there was little that was of direct concern to the Government of the United States. My belief is that the sending of a special representative by the United States Government to attend this conference was a gesture of interest and goodwill which was sincerely appreciated not only by those European nations actively engaged in this problem, but by large Jewish populations everywhere. At the same time, the most effective contribution which the United States can make toward the solution of this refugee difficulty will probably come not so much through representation at these conferences as through the funds which are now being raised in this country toward relief.

I shall be very glad to come to Washington to discuss this situation with you, if you so desire. Mr. McDonald10 arrives from Europe this week and will doubtless be in touch with you at an early date.

Very truly yours,

Raymond B. Fosdick
  1. James G. McDonald, High Commissioner for Refugees (Jewish and other) coming from Germany.