The Secretary of State to Mr. Raymond B. Fosdick

My Dear Mr. Fosdick: With reference to your recent appointment as American Representative on the Governing Body for Refugees [Page 304] Coming from Germany, which is to meet in London during the latter part of April, it gives me pleasure to inform you that minimum first class passage, on an American vessel, from New York, New York, to London, England and return, will be furnished you by the Government.

In order that your tickets may be secured, I should be grateful if you would indicate, at your early convenience, the name of the American vessel on which you intend to sail as well as that of the American vessel on which you expect to return, together with dates of sailing.

Allow me to add that the purpose of your journey entitles you to a special passport. You should make application therefor and present this letter and two passport photographs to the United States Passport Agency, Old Sub-Treasury Building, Wall and Nassau Streets, New York City.

It should be clearly understood that in the absence of specific instructions from the Secretary of State you are not authorized to enter into any verbal or written agreement which may be construed as committing your Government to a definitive course of action nor to incur any expenses in connection with your service on the Governing Body for Refugees Coming from Germany other than those indicated in this letter.

Very sincerely yours,

For the Secretary of State:
William Phillips

Under Secretary