863.00/864: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Long) to the Secretary of State

28. Your circular telegram February 14, 5 p.m.,14 and my 26, February 14, 7 p.m. According to Suvich Italy considers it a very salutary movement in that it has brought to a head a situation which has been hanging over Austria for several years. He thinks that as long as it had to come it has come at an opportune moment because if the movement of the Social Democrats in opposition to Dollfuss had developed when the Nazis were carrying on activities subversive of the Dollfuss regime it would have resulted in the certain fall of Dollfuss. The situation is thought to be well in hand by Dollfuss and Italy believes that he will maintain his authority. Having done so he will have answered the criticisms of the Nazis who have said that he was incapable of being ruthless and strong and unable to maintain order; furthermore, many of the Nazi ambitions are being realized through the forcefulness of his actions and by his policies so that Italy thinks there will be less Nazi opposition after this revolutionary movement is put down partly because of the anti-climactic effect that demonstration bombs and hand grenades will have after this bloody show is over.

Mailed Vienna, Paris, London, Berlin, Geneva.

  1. See footnote 11, p. 13.