762.63/151: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Long ) to the Secretary of State

26. My 17, January 29, 1 p.m.12 In conversation with Suvich13 today he confirmed report that France had requested England and Italy to join in a declaration which would be given to the press and which would supplement, and possibly render unnecessary, an appeal of Austria to the League, to which Italy is opposed. The declaration would express the readiness of the three powers at the request of Austria [Page 14] to “maintain the independence and integrity of Austria.” Italy is expressing her acceptance of the proposal, England has not been heard from here. Suvich said that in the present circumstances there is no thought here of military intervention, it being considered that the present situation in Austria is essentially an internal affair. He believes that Dollfuss is gaining control and that he will be stronger hereafter because of it.

Repeated to Vienna, Paris, London, Berlin.

Mailed to Geneva.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Fulvio Suvich, Italian Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.