411.60d Finnish Vessels/141

The Department of State to the Finnish Legation 37


In his note of June 4, 1934, regarding the claims presented on behalf of certain Finnish shipowners, request is again made by the Minister of Finland that the claimants be allowed to bring their cases before the Court of Claims by authorization of Congress.

In various communications that have been filed with the Department of State by the Legation, reference has been made to the records of the War Trade Board. In some instances copies of records have been submitted; in others, quotations from records have been made.

Before giving further consideration to the Minister’s request, it is desirable that the Department should have before it copies of all the evidence relied upon or which may be relied upon in support of the claims, including particularly copies of all records of the War Trade Board or other governmental agency in the possession of the Legation or of counsel for the claimants.

Upon receipt of this information, the Minister’s request will again be taken under advisement.

  1. Handed to the Finnish Minister by the Legal Adviser, October 3.