874.6363 Petrol/13

The Minister in Bulgaria ( Sterling ) to the Secretary of State

No. 85

Sir: Referring to the Department’s telegraphic instruction No. 21, of November 28, 2 p.m. 1934, with regard to the petroleum monopoly, I have the honor to report further developments.

Before the telegram was received I had a short interview with Mr. Bataloff, Minister of Foreign Affairs, the object of which was to obtain an official copy of the law, inasmuch as it had not been published in [Page 108] the Official Gazette; otherwise it would have been difficult for the Legation to make representations to the Government with only the advance and unofficial copy obtained by Mr. Arnold to go on. In making my request I took the opportunity of pointing out to Mr. Bataloff the large American interests involved in any taking over of “Petrole” by the Monopoly, and stated that the United States Government was fearful lest the provisions of the law might be prejudicial to those interests.

Upon receiving the official copy of the law, I wrote the enclosed note,12 which is self-explanatory, taking it personally to the Foreign Office, explaining its importance and asking for the Government’s serious consideration. I have also had conferences with my British, French, Belgian, Rumanian and Dutch colleagues, whose nationals are concerned in “Petrole.” I understand that they are making representations similar to mine to the Bulgarian Government. It would seem that nothing more can be done for the moment. Until the law has been published in the Official Gazette it cannot be regarded as in effect.

Respectfully yours,

F. A. Sterling
  1. Not printed.