338.1121 Zrike Bros. and Johnson/13: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Haiti ( Armour )

24. In view of development reported your 43, April 10, 7 p.m.,3 you may inform Haitian Government that upon receipt of following assurances Government United States is willing to waive Johnson’s immunity as treaty official and surrender him to Haitian jurisdiction for action upon pending charges: (1) that proceedings against Zrike Brothers will be carried on expeditiously and that Johnson will not be [Page 790] placed on trial until completion such proceedings; (2) that if Zrike Brothers are acquitted charges against Johnson will be quashed, (3) that if Johnson placed on trial public prosecutor will not introduce political considerations and Haitian Government will see that case is tried on its merits alone, and (4) that if both Zrike Brothers and Johnson are found guilty sentence imposed upon Johnson will not be disproportionately heavy and that if the court shall impose such a sentence the Government by executive act will make appropriate reduction thereof.

The Department leaves it to you to determine whether assurances given are reasonably sufficient to ensure a fair trial and sentence.

  1. Not printed.