838.51/2711: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Haiti ( Drew )

72. Your 106, September 28, noon. You may propose to the Haitian Government an exchange of notes following substantially the wording of paragraph D of the Legation’s note of November 7, 1931, with respect to provisions of Article 17, Paragraph 1, of the Budget and Public Accounting Law of July 4, 1933. Before the exchange of notes is consummated, please submit the text by telegraph to the Department for its approval.

As at present advised, the Department sees no apparent reason for including in the exchange of notes the quotation regarding omissions in the law, which may affect the functions of the Financial Adviser. Obviously, the established practice of the Financial Adviser’s office, under the Treaty of 1915, and related accords, remains in effect until modified by the Accord of August 7,90 which does not become effective until January 1, 1934. No instance of the effect of omissions in the law has as yet been brought to the Department’s attention. Unless such instances have in fact occurred, with resultant prejudice to the operation of the Financial Adviser’s Office, do you not think it preferable to refrain from raising the question?

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