The Ambassador in Mexico ( Daniels ) to the Secretary of State

No. 404

Sir: With reference to the Department’s instruction number 97 of July 17, 1933, concerning the offer of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Doctor José Manuel Puig Casauranc, to mediate in order to bring about recognition by the United States of a government in El Salvador, I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of a personal and unofficial letter dated July 25, 1933, which I handed to Doctor Puig.15

I told Doctor Puig that the position of my Government had always been that it was bound by the 1923 Treaty of Peace and Amity, under which the recognition of General Martínez as President of El Salvador is barred, and that this position has not changed.

Doctor Puig replied that he had apprehended that this might be the position of my Government.

I thanked Doctor Puig for his friendly interest and offer of cooperation.

Respectfully yours,

Josephus Daniels
  1. Not printed.