The Chargé in El Salvador ( McCafferty ) to the Secretary of State

No. 320

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a translation of an article which appeared in La Prensa of San Salvador on July 12, 193311 and which quotes a news item from La Tribuna of San José, Costa Rica, alleging that certain unnamed Latin American diplomats in Washington are making an effort to ascertain whether the Department of State would approve of the calling of a conference for the purpose of revising the General Central American Treaty of Peace [Page 685] and Friendship signed in Washington in 1923 so that the denunciations of Costa Rica and El Salvador will not become effective on January 1, 1934. Similar articles appeared in nearly all the local newspapers and it is believed that the information was given out by the de facto Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador.

It would be helpful to this Legation to know whether there is any truth in the statements contained in the above mentioned article or whether it is simply propaganda put out by the Salvadoran Foreign Office in an endeavor to obtain recognition for the Martínez regime.

I am of the opinion that the de facto Government of El Salvador is making strong efforts to get one of the three Central American Governments which are upholding the 1923 Treaty to suggest the convocation of a conference to revise the Central American Pacts in order that the present Salvadoran administration might be recognized, but that the Salvadoran Foreign Office is very doubtful whether such a step would be approved by the State Department and feels that the plan would be unsuccessful unless it had the moral support of the United States.

Respectfully yours,

W. J. McCafferty
  1. Not printed.