837.00/3835b: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Missions48

For your information and appropriate use in case of conversations on the Cuban situation: This Government in view of disturbed conditions in Cuba has sent ships to that country solely as a precautionary measure and there is not the slightest intention of intervening or interfering in Cuba’s domestic affairs. It is our earnest hope that the Cubans themselves will work out a solution of their own difficulties and that they will be able to form a government capable of maintaining order. We have not, and shall not, attempt to influence the Cubans in any way as to choice of individuals in the government.

The Department has explained its position as set out above to the diplomatic representatives in Washington of the Latin American countries, and the President has himself repeated this to the representatives of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

  1. This telegram sent to missions in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo, and Peiping, to the American Consul at Geneva, and to all missions in Latin America except Cuba.