837.00/3751: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba ( Welles ) to the Secretary of State

194. The Secretary of War Dr. Ferrer has just left me. He advises me that he has just held an interview with the members of the executive [Page 384] committee of the revolutionary group and has advised them that the entire Cabinet of President Céspedes would proffer their resignations if the revolutionary group would support President Céspedes and enter his Cabinet. The reply was given that President Céspedes had already been deposed and that the revolutionary group was in control of the Republic.

Dr. Ferrer informs me that at the Cabinet meeting which President Céspedes will have immediately after his arrival in Havana at 11:30 his Cabinet will advise him to make no effort to maintain himself in power since all of the armed forces of the Republic are in mutiny and he can count on only moral support which is not effective in this moment.

I have called for 12:30 a meeting of the following leaders: Colonel Mendieta, Colonel Mendez Peñate, General Menocal, Dr. Miguel Mariano Gómez, Dr. Martínez Saenz, and Dr. Saladrigas. I shall advise the Department immediately by telegraph of the result of my interview with them.