711.37/183: Telegram

The Under Secretary of State ( Phillips ) to the Ambassador in Cuba ( Welles )

77. Personal from the Under Secretary. Your No. 172, August 19, noon. I at once laid your telegram before the President who has given it careful consideration. He is pleased that in your opinion political conditions have improved sufficiently to permit your returning to the Department in time to cooperate in preparing for the Montevideo Conference. At the same time, and while appreciating that the present relation between the Embassy and the Cuban Government may lead to some criticism, he believes it would be preferable for you to remain in Cuba until September 15th; he hopes that in the meantime you can make substantial progress with the commercial treaty negotiations.

The President approves the suggestions set out in numbered paragraph 3, as well as in the second sentence of numbered paragraph 5, and the final paragraph of your telegram.

Announcement of your return to Department will be made shortly.