837.00/3632: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Welles) to the Secretary of State

144. For the President. I am deeply grateful for the statements you made concerning me to the Cuban Ambassador yesterday. They have been of the utmost help. Every possible effort is being made by the Government supporters to convince the members of Congress and the members of the opposition that I am acting without your approval and at the same time to attribute statements to me which I have never made. I believe that the suggestion you made through Cintas to President Machado should be absolutely acceptable. I further believe that your idea of a gesture of generosity towards the Cuban people in this critical moment will be helpful. The situation is increasingly disquieting but I can assure you that I shall exert every effort of which I am capable to try and promote a solution by the Cubans themselves. The chief difficulty of the moment is to enable the political leaders to obtain correct information.