611.3231/540: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Gibson )

64. The Brazilian Ambassador has mentioned that he did not think his Government would send any experts to Washington for the conversations looking to a commercial agreement. Recently he requested information as to our point of view concerning the bases on which such an agreement would rest. I have today written the Ambassador that we feel the bases would be as follows:

[Here follows substance of the note of August 19 to the Brazilian Ambassador, printed supra.]

Please see the Minister for Foreign Affairs, explain the great importance which President Roosevelt attaches to these discussions, and say that your Government hopes that they may begin in the near future.

For your strictly confidential information. We have the impression that the Brazilian Government is holding back in this matter. Discussions with Colombia are on the point of beginning, and it will be decidedly advantageous from our viewpoint to hold discussions with the Colombians and Brazilians practically simultaneously.