837.00 Revolutions/276: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Welles) to the Secretary of State

60. My No. 55.19 President Machado has this morning sent word to me through Doctor Ferrara that the official investigation made by Colonel Delgado of the atrocities in Santa Clara Province attributed to Major Arsenio Ortiz has confirmed in detail the report of the facts as communicated by me to the Cuban Government and as reported in my telegram under reference.

A further investigation is now in process in order to verify the report that a 15-year-old boy who was an involuntary eye witness of the murder of the three guards was hanged by Major Ortiz at the spot where the murders took place.

The President requested Doctor Ferrara to assure me positively that if this latter atrocity was confirmed Major Ortiz would be publicly court-martialed; the further statement was made by the President that Major Ortiz would in any event be immediately removed from the Army and that while the precise nature of his punishment had not yet been determined upon, the least punishment that would be meted out to him would be immediate exile from Cuba.

  1. May 22, 6 p.m., p. 292.