837.00/3522: Telegram

The Ambassador in Cuba (Welles) to the Secretary of State

53. For the President. The Associated Press publishes a report that you intend during the coming week to make a statement regarding the situation in Cuba. The intimation is given that your statement will bear upon the political situation.

I am endeavoring to persuade Opposition leaders, through means of communication which I have established, to give their cooperation towards an arrangement fair to all concerned. I now am led to believe the cooperation of most of them will be forthcoming. I shall, of course, keep you closely advised as to what progress is being made. Should it later develop that a few of the important leaders of the Opposition remain obdurate, a statement by you, insisting upon cooperation of the leaders of all Cuban factions in the determination of a solution of the Cuban problem for the ultimate benefit of the Cuban people as a whole, would presumably have overwhelming and probably deciding effect. I suggest, consequently, that if you intend issuing such a statement as that reported it would probably be more beneficial later on than at this juncture.