The Chargé in Colombia (Dawson) to the Secretary of State

No. 5832

Sir: Referring to previous correspondence concerning the proposed reciprocal trade agreement between the United States and Colombia, and particularly to the Legation’s despatch No. 5816 of August 28, 1933, reporting certain comments of President Olaya concerning the draft agreement and annexes handed informally to the Minister of Colombia at Washington on August 22, 1933, I have the honor to report that President Olaya again brought the subject up in conversation on September 3, 1933.

Dr. Olaya said that he had given further thought to the question of the possibility of reducing Colombian import duties on the list of articles contained in Schedule I annexed to the draft agreement. He expressed more strongly than before the opinion that reduction of duties on foodstuffs would not, in general, be feasible (on this occasion he specifically mentioned wheat, rice, flour, crackers and biscuits), but remarked that most of the reductions asked for on manufactured articles seemed reasonable.

Respectfully yours,

Allan Dawson