The Uruguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs (Mañé) to the Secretary of State15


Mr. Secretary of State: By decision of the VIth International Conference at Habana, the next meeting of the American States is to be held in the city of Montevideo.

December 3 having been definitively set by the Pan American Union by agreement with the Government of Uruguay as the date of the opening session of the VIIth Conference, my Government has the high honor to address Your Excellency in order to transmit to you the respective invitation, in the hope that no American country will fail to be present at the coming Assembly of American States.

The order of the day of the VIIth International American Conference was sent in due time to Your Excellency by the Office of the Director of the Pan American Union, together with the Regulations of the conference.

It would be a needless effort to emphasize on this occasion the capital importance of the subjects which are to be examined, inasmuch as the exceptional seriousness of the hour gives the meeting of the American countries a transcendent importance which has never previously been equaled.

In this sense it may be said that the Montevideo Conference will not be one of mere formal international fellowship.

The deep and anxious preoccupation created by the economic, financial, political and social difficulties in which are involved, equally with all other States, the States of the New World, will surround the Conference with an atmosphere of expectant serenity and restless hope.

It will be necessary that a keen sense of actuality pass through what has been up to now a stock of ideas whose gradual crystallization into facts has been taking place over a period of many years.

Economic interdependence must be examined with a sincere and deep understanding of the fraternally reciprocal interest of all the nations of the Continent.

America can and must discover with her creative ability the new road which will lead to peace and stability without and within and to labor which is productive only when it is just and normally paid.

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There must be confidence between men and between Nations, political peace and economic peace must walk together, as both are aspects of the mind of the Nations; our eyes must not be closed to harsh and unhappy reality; in short, Pan Americanism and fraternity must be what they ought to be, an affirmation of concerted power and an unceasing will to collective betterment.

With such hopes the Government of Uruguay trusts that Your Excellency’s Government will see fit to attend the coming Assembly of the American States which is to be held at Montevideo, where the delegates of the United States of America will be received by their Uruguayan brothers with the affectionate pleasure and the cordial welcome proper to a meeting between brothers.

On this occasion I renew to Your Excellency [etc.]

A. Mañé
  1. Handed to the Secretary of State by the Uruguayan Minister on September 2.